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Essential Spa Maintenance is a quality prompt spa repairs and servicing company in Sydney that provides spa cleaning, degreasing, regular servicing and spa pump repair to a variety of types of spas.

Please call us for the following services:

Minor and Major Services

Have your Spa Cleaned, Pipes and Filters Degreased, electrics safety tested, jets/diverters serviced, spa pumps and heater condition checked spa cover cleaned/treated, and ozone unit tested. Please view our maintenance programs for detailed service selections.

Please Note Regular SAFETY TESTING of you HEATER is Essential to Check For DANGEROUS ELECTRICITY LEAKING into Your Spa WATER!!!  Stay Safe and Book a Service Today.

Repairs and Maintenance

We offer a variety of services in Sydney such as spa pump repairs, spa pump heater servicing, as well as replacement of heaters, ozone units, blowers, electronic touch pads and control boxes and repairs of leaks.

If your spa has stopped heating or pumps have stopped working or you are having error messages on your touchpad, then book in for a repair.
If your Spa is Tripping the house Powerboard, or your pumps are noisy, or your cant read your Touchpad Screen, or the bubbles no longer work then book in for a repair.

Spa Types: Arctic, Aristocrat, Balboa, Heritage, Hot Springs, La Spas, Lanark, Maax, Monarch, Signature, SpaNet , Spa World and Stylus and every other spa brand.

Spa Care Training

On site spa / chemical usage training and we can advise you the right water balance and chemical sanitising for your specific spa. Making sure you are protecting your spa with the right water treatment and chemicals.

Feel free to contact us today!

Sydney NSW – 0407776187
Email (Syd) :        (Spa enquiries ONLY)
(all SEO/web business or sales emails will be deleted)

Sunshine Coast – 0448780970
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