Swim Spa Major Service

  • All features of a major service except no refilling of spa unless requested.
  • Check all spa equipment functions
  • Clean and degrease filters
  • Degrease pipe work and empty spa
  • Rinse, disinfect and clean spa shell
  • Service pumps, blower, divertors, UV units and touchpads.
  • Optional Refill spa and add chemicals (to be discussed with client)*
  • Safety Test on Heater – to check for Dangerous Electricity leaking into Spa Water
  • Polishing of top acrylic shell
  • Check for water leaks and corrosion
  • Cleaning of Spa hardcover and apply vinyl protector
  • Ozone unit – detection of proper ozone production
  • Service Report and optional Chemical Usage Training

Swim Spa Major Service Inclusions

  • Refilling and adding chemical is charged at an extra $55 per 30 minutes.
  • Major service can be negotiated with no emptying, refilling or degreasing.
  • Swim spa refills may require a customer to monitor the water level and a technician will return to add chemicals and double check the spa operations.